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Price List

Domain   Price
.com.au (2yrs)   $55.00
.net.au (2yrs)   $55.00
.org.au (2yrs)   $39.00
.asn.au (2yrs)   $39.00
.id.au (2yrs)   $39.00
.com, .net, .org (1yr)   $24.95


Domain Names

The Webineering Workshop is a domain name reseller and can register new domain names, both .au and global, as well as renew existing domains. Our rates are extremely competitive.

Whether you need to register a domain name for your business to set up new website, or you need one for the non-profit organisation you are a part of, or even a personal domain, we can help you get started. Registering a new domain is quick and easy, and a small website and email can be up and running the same day.

Regulations require an ABN to be specified for .com.au and .net.au domains. For .org.au and .asn.au domains it is a requirement to be a non-profit incorporated body. For .au domain you HAVE to have some claim to the domain name that you are trying to register, like your business name or acronym, or a product you sell or a service that you provide.

Global domains (like .com, .net, .org) have no regulations as to who can register what domain and as long as the name is available, it can be registered.