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The Webineering Workshop was established in April 2009 in association with Murraylands.com.au, which has now been incorporated into the business. Murraylands.com.au is a local business directory website, covering the Murraylands Region of South Australia, set up to promote local business.

John has worked in IT and Internet for over ten years, starting as a Technical Support person at a local ISP. He gained in-depth knowlegdge in the area of System Administration of Webservers, Mailservers and associated hardware and software, as well as the design, implementation and administration of websites and email.

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He gained proficiency in HTML, Css, Javascript, PHP and database design, which enables us to design websites that are solid and with just about any functionality that the client requires.

When this local ISP was taken over by a national company and the business wound up, John decided it was time to start his own web-related business and so The Webineering Workshop was born.